This is a brief layout with information on
latent semantic indexing – LSI

Latent semantic indexing adds an important step to your town pages. It must be included for good results.

Mix Your Anchor Text! Not only on links into the site from recommendations, but from within your site structure. Use this technique in your blog writing as well.

Latent semantic indexing will be used by Google to look at the link profile of your website. If all your links are heavy in a few particular phrases and light on other similar phrases then your site may not rank as well.

Example Related Terms: These are used in contextual original paragraphs please for each town

Alno Kitchens – Alno Kitchen Photographs – Alno Kitchen Selections and so on, but in readable paragraphs. Obviously link to the target page which in this case is

Use the same principle on all of the keywords. The page you link to, will be the keyword other than the Index page
Include Geo’ phrases for towns for example

Basingstoke – Often mistaken for a new town. Basingstoke is an old market town – Expanded in 1960’s – Hampshire Kitchens are providing ……. for Basingstoke residents, part of this economic centre, and so on